Meadow Grove

Near here at a point midway between the source of the Elkhorn River and its entry into the Platte, is the town of Meadow Grove. The Elkhorn Valley has long been an important passageway for travelers and settlers. In 1739, the Mallet brothers made the first recorded journey through this region. James Mackay, employed by the Spanish, came through part of the Elkhorn Valley in 1796. These early explorers named the river Corne de Cerf, French for "Elk's Horn." The Elkhorn attracted settlers of varied origins, many from settlements to the east. In 1879, the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad extended its track through this area. One of the first signs of the establishment of permanent settlement in any region was the construction of a gristmill. P.V. Lewis, who came to Nebraska in 1869, constructed a mill on Buffalo Creek near here in 1883, using millstones imported from France. Farmers brought grain to the mill from miles around, making it a place for meeting friends as well as milling grain. Lewis later platted the town of Meadow Grove. This marker erected in memory of all Elkhorn Valley pioneers.



Main Ave, Meadow Grove