Here on the Divide between the Republican and the Little Blue lived some of the most courageous people of the frontier. Their fortunes and their loves live again in the writings of Willa Cather, daughter of the plains and interpreter of man's growth in these fields and in the valleys beyond. On this beautiful, ever-changing land, man fought to establish a home. In her vision of the plow against the sun, symbol of the beauty and importance of work, Willa Cather caught the eternal blending of earth and sky. Willa Cather wrote from her heart the wonderful tales she heard and the vital drama she saw in her growing years. In her books those she loved and admired live forever. My Antonia, earth mother of the plains, grew to maturity, loved, worked, and died within a few miles of this spot, yet she is known and loved all over the world. "The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman." The history of this land began in the heart of Willa Cather.



Jct. U.S. 281/Nebr. 4, 14 miles north of Red Cloud