Heber Hord House

Built in 1906 and remodeled in 1923, this was the home of cattleman Heber Hord until his death in 1949. Hord was the only son of Thomas Benton (T.B.) Hord, who founded a livestock feeding company based in Central City. T.B. Hord began his career during the era of the great cattle drives and the open range, and the Hords played an important role in the birth of the modern livestock industry.

The company became one of the world’s largest livestock feeding operations by the early 1900s, accommodating 16,000 cattle and 12,000 hogs by 1908. The Hords made pioneering use of technology and modern management practices, making their business a model for the industry.

Heber expanded the company further and served for 25 years on the board of the directors of Omaha’s Union Stockyards. He also supported the community through philanthropy, donating his father’s house for use as a local hospital, and donating land for the city’s library and post office.



1505 16th Street, Central City