The city of Rushville began as a settlement called Rush Valley, two miles north of its present location, in 1884. Buffalo grass pastures west of the Sandhills provided good grazing, but were too short for hay. The natural meadows along Rush Creek induced settlement in the area. Two stores a mile apart were established in the valley, with the postoffice in the south store. When the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad churned westward across Sheridan County in 1885, the tracks missed the established community. Rush Valley merchants were among the first to purchase lots from the railroad-controlled Pioneer Townsite Company, build, and move their goods to the new town of Rushville located on the railroad. The village of Rushville was incorporated on October 9, 1885. The first trustees were Bruhn, Mosler, McEachron, Enderly, and Meservey. We are indebted to area individuals and groups for many benefits we enjoy. It is to these former citizens who had the vision to see beyond their now into the future that this park and its wall of history are dedicated.



Main Street Park, Rushville