Lewis and Clark Camp Site: July 30 - Aug 2, 1804

On July 30 the explorers arrived at the bluff where Fort Atkinson would be built less than two decades later. Clark wrote, "The Situation of this place which we Call Council Bluff which is handsom ellevated a Spot well Calculated... for a fort to Command the Countrey and river the low bottom above high water & well Situated under the Command of the Hill for Houses to trade with the Natives." Four days later the Oto Indians, who lived in a village along the Platte River, came to the Lewis and Clark camp for a council. Captain Clark "mad up a Small preasent for those people in perpotion to their Consiqunce also a package with a meadile to accompany a Speech for the Grand Chief after Brackfast we collected those Indians under an orning of our Main Sail... Delivered a long Speech to them expressive of our journey and the wirkes of our Government, Some advice to them and Directions how They were to Conduct themselves."



Fort Atkinson State Historical Park