The Golden Link

The Golden Link embedded in Interstate 80 just north of here commemorates completion of the final portion of Nebraska Interstate Highway 80 between the Missouri River and the Wyoming border. This 455.3 mile long ribbon of steel and concrete is more than a smooth, wide roadway. It is a vital link between eastern and western Nebraska; a link that binds our state, culturally and economically, closer together. The Golden Link also commemorates Nebraska's accomplishment of being the first state in the nation to complete its mainline Interstate system. Nebraska's Interstate highway system is the most significant and the largest single public works project ever undertaken in this state. Beginning 19 years ago, March 8, 1955, with a small portion near Kimball, year by year, and mile by mile, it progressed steadily across the state. In developing fine roadside rest areas and a chain of lakes, our state has demonstrated that highways and the environment can be compatible. This final link in Nebraska's Interstate Highway 80 was formally completed and dedicated on October 19, 1974.



Near mm 52, I-80 rest area, eastbound, Sidney