Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park was established May 13, 1885, under the guidance of the Forest Lawn Cemetery Association. Its membership included pioneer Omaha business and professional men. A founding trustee, John H. Brackin, offered the original area of 100 acres of young native forest. His was the first interment November 12, 1886. The cemetery was developed on the park plan. Thanks to the vision of its founders and the sensitive care of those who have followed, the present area of more than 320 acres of rolling hills is indeed an expanse of forest and lawn. It has been called one of the nation's most beautiful cemeteries. Historic Omaha family names dot the peaceful hills, men and women who helped build the community. Here rest veterans who served their country in many wars or conflicts including the Civil, Spanish American, and World Wars, and in Korea and Vietnam. Forest Lawn has an aura that both consoles and inspires. Nothing shall, as the centuries roll on, disturb that sleep, nor mar the beauty of this spot which death has hallowed, and which love preserves with tender memories.



Forest Lawn Cemetery Dr, Omaha