Muir House

This is the former home of Robert Valentine Muir, an early resident of Brownville. Born in Scotland in 1827, Muir came to America in 1835 and moved to Nebraska in 1856 as Treasurer for the Nebraska Settlement Company. He operated a sawmill, flour business, and ferry. He was also involved in real estate and was a publisher of the Nebraska Advertiser.

Muir led an active public life. For years he was a key figure in the Prohibition Party of Nebraska and ran for Governor as its candidate. He died in 1917.

One of Nebraska's most elegant early homes, the house was erected by Muir during 1868-1870. It was built of native Nebraska brick, in the Italianate style. The paneling of butternut, bird's-eye maple, and black walnut consists of native woods cut in Muir's own sawmill, located across the river in Missouri. This important example of our early architecture has been restored by Mrs. Harold D. LeMar.



Southeast corner of 2nd St & Atlantic Ave, Brownville